How I Maintain My Weight

When I arrived in the US I gained weight. It’s a known fact to Mexicans that if you come to the US you are bound to gain some weight.  The reason I gained so much weight was that food here in the US, especially junk food, is easily accessible compared to Mexico.

In Mexico, in the 90’s when I lived there as a little girl, buying a huge bag of chips, chocolate bars, ice cream, packaged pastries was not an option. We survived with the essentials. I remember eating beans and noodles every day except on some occasions I would eat meat. On those occasions, my aunt would make fresh flour tortillas and cook, my favorite dish to this day, asado verde (a typical Mexican dish made with pork).  When it was one of those days I would rush home after school because I knew the delicious food was waiting for me at home. 

So when I arrived in the US and the junk foods I most enjoyed were purchased every week I had no control. I also did not know I had to control myself. I had absolutely no notion of the fear of gaining weight.  This changed when I entered middle school and began to like boys. I started to realize that my clothes were uncomfortable and they did not fit my body. So my quest to lose weight began.

One of the books that helped me tremendously in this quest was one I stumbled upon at Barnes & Nobles, The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Below are the main takeaways I took after reading this book and that have stuck in my lifestyle.


The Beauty Detox

  1. Dairy creates mucus in your body.
    • After learning this I stopped consuming milk since I was having a lot of issues with constipation. After curving down this habit I was able to also lower my belly fat constant bloating issue.
  2. Fruit should be consumed before any other food group
    • Fruit is digested within the first 20 minutes we consume it. So if we have something heavy beforehand and we eat fruit we will feel bloated and uncomfortable. This has helped me tremendously as I was one of those people that would eat fruit as dessert.
  3. The first thing you should consume after waking up is water.
    • The body has not had any fluids in about 8 hrs so your body is dehydrated even if you don’t feel it.
  4. Taking Probiotics every day in the mornings
    • Good gut bacteria, it will also help your immune system and fight belly fat
  5. Taking a Digestive System Cleanser Aerobic Life Mag 07
    • If you’re having constipation issues these supplements help you become more regular. These also helped me tremendously after having Leo. Constipation is a huge issue with the pain medicine administered during labor. I had an awful experience after having Isaiah.
  6. The longer the ingredient list on a food item the worse it’s for the body. Try to eat foods with the shorter list of ingredients.

These are only a few of the things that have stuck with me even years after reading this book. I hope they help you.

With gratitude,


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